Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gerson Therapy Works for Lyme Patients!

Charlotte Gerson, the 88 years young daughter of Max Gerson minces no words. Peppy and unequivocal, she delivered a startling talk at the Natural News Healing Miracles event last weekend. Afterward she met with attendees and jauntily demonstrated how she could still touch her toes with no problem.

I'd known about the Gerson Institute's natural cancer cure for years and was almost star-struck to meet a woman whose clinic can cure cancer in 30-40% of terminal cancer patients. That is, cancer patients whose bodies have been so ravaged by surgery and chemotherapy that medicine can no longer help them. Many can be brought back to life naturally, through their intensive juicing and detox program. The Gerson Institute's cure rates are even higher in those who have never had conventional cancer therapies, since the immune system is in much better shape.

Before the event, I became increasingly intrigued when I heard Mike Adams of Natural News interview Charlotte Gerson. She stated that the Gerson Therapy, pioneered by her father in the 1930s, was "even helping Lyme patients." Wow, even helping Lyme patients? Did she imply that Lyme was harder to cure than cancer? How much is it helping Lyme patients? How long does it take to get results? Is it the same therapy used in cancer? I was dying to ask her my questions.

After her rousing talk I had my chance to ask her some questions, but due to her popularity, I didn't get all of them answered. First off, she said that she is limited to the Gerson Therapy, but she "has helped people." I took this to mean that Gerson Therapy must be complemented by other therapies, presumably antibiotics, whether herbal or pharmaceutical. She turned the tables on my question-asking and told me Lyme patients have to be careful of fluoride's effects on the thyroid and that we should not be showering in fluoride nor drinking it. I asked if my reverse osmosis filter was doing the trick for our drinking water, and I got a loud, "NO!" When I said I didn't know that, she said, "Well, WHO would KNOW?" She is a character! Then, off she went with another attendee bursting with their own questions.

Gerson Therapy sounds like a treatment worth investigating by any Lyme patient. She said that in cancer, the two main problems are deficiency (vitamins and immune system) and toxicity. This is true in Lyme as well, but we have the added job of killing the bugs, too.


  1. I wonder what kind of water I should be drinking & showering! Completely deionized?? I wish she would have said!!

    In all honesty, though, I can't afford to do anything about my shower.. but there is no fluoride in my water. I have well water. so maybe I'm okay????

    1. KT, I have well water too and the best thing to do is to get your own Kangen machine like many others and I have. *Debbie Carlson, her brother, mom, my friends who have Lyme and I ALL have been helped -(*+she personally knows 400+). Don't buy a knock off/ disposable machine because they are not medical grade or a medical device either. Only Enagic/ Kangen's are which is why they have been used in Japanese hospitals for 40 years and why presidents, politicians, celebrities (musicians, vocalists, actors), entrepreneurs,large corporation & small business owners, and everyday folks like me all have their own machines- many have several. I travel with I'm because it's truly essential. Currently I don't have a shower unit so I bring a gallon of fresh Beauty water to rinse my hair and body of with. Wow, I love its effects! Change your water change your life!

      Please watch this video for more information and then contact me with comments or questions.

      Continued blessings on your Wellness Journey!

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  3. I am not healthy at all! tested positive for Bebesia, and Bartonella, am completely exhausted, feel like I can't breathe, and don't sleep well, have extreme neurological buzz going on and don't know who to trust next!

    1. After trying to get well since 2011 from Lyme Babesia and Bartonella--- and being treated by top Lyme literate doctrs, I am finding that doing coffee enemas along with a 45 min infra red sauna (at 145 degres) EVERYDAY is finally turning the tide for me. Buy a sauna, learn how to do coffee enemas. Healing is all about detoxing your body.

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