Saturday, April 24, 2010

About (ASD) Antiseptic Stimulant Dorogova

Immediately after the war one of the "boxes" was a secret government order. The scientists had to create a drug that in the case of chemical warfare to protect people and animals from exposure to chemicals and radiation. This product was developed in 1946 and applied in practice Alexei Vlasyevich Dorogov.

The preparation was kept secret and they enjoyed the highest state officials.

In 1950, AV Dorogova been issued a certificate of authorship on the iso-vention of SDA, and in 1951 revealed the drug. He was allowed Pharmaco-logical Committee of the Ministry of Health for production and use and was included in the "Pharmacopoeia" Mashkovskiy.

During this period, AV Dorogov treated people from various diseases, even cancer in advanced.

So what is ASD?

Even in 1941, academician Vladimir Petrovich Filatov, USSR (1875-1956) established the doctrine of biogenic stimulators, which are formed in each cell of an isolated living tissue in disadvantaged circumstances. That is, as a result of the struggle for survival of cells to release liquids biogenic stimulators, in other words, the fabric at a certain stage of their destruction secretes.

As a result the fractional distillation of meat and bone meal and animal materials to Professor A. Dorogova could be divided into 3 fractions ASD with different functional applications. In 1950 he treated mostly faction № 1 SDA - the most active.

The whole medical world understood that this powerful drug is a big competitor to traditional methods of conservative treatment. AV Dorogova offered large rewards, if only he would stop further studies of SDA in the treatment of virtually all diseases, but he refused, and result was murdered in his car at the age of 42 years.

Professor A. Way to create a number of medical preparations and methods of treatment of various diseases in humans and animals. However, the most notable was the drug of SDA.

The case is currently continuing his father's daughter - Dorogova Olga, an allergist-immunologist.

The peculiarity of this drug, primarily in the fact that there are no synthetic compounds. SDA is a 100% natural product, so it is not toxic and does not cause allergic reactions;

- The second feature - the domestic origin. We know that drugs are most useful and effective for the inhabitants of those regions which, based on local materials are produced these drugs;

- The third feature of the SDA - it is his versatility. The drug, due to its unique formula and high biological activity, stimulates all body systems;

- A fourth advantage - SDA does not react with other drugs;

- The fifth feature - ASD excreted through the lungs and has no cumulative effect, in contrast to many other drugs.
So what's the secret of this drug? It is a product of the thermal splitting of animal tissues. Sublimation fabrics ensures the gradual decomposition of organic matter (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids) to low molecular weight components, which in its structure similar to the metabolites of cellular metabolism and, consequently, are characterized by a living organism. Therefore, the drug has neither the histological nor the species specificity. Antigenic and toxic properties are not available.
ASD is a liquid preparation prepared from animal tissue by a special technique, SDA produced in 2 fractions of N 2, N 3. 
ASD is a volatile liquid is dark red, with a peculiar odor. ASD - 2 well soluble in water, has an alkaline reaction. ASD - 3 liquid, slightly soluble in alcohol and fats. In the presence of nervous exhaustion and increasing nervousness, faction may be imposed on a doctor's prescription, according to the rules specified in the table.


  1. I am taking this as I am going through cancer treatment right now. It gives me so much energy and I feel so well from it!

  2. Replies
    1. the ASD-2 fraction created for healing strong animal disease. It is also helpful for human beings. Obviously you can find it in Zoo Farm. Almost all Zoo farmacies sell ACD in Post soviet Union Countries, but I'm not sure about your place where do you live.

  3. What are the side effects of it?

  4. what is the medication dosage? how much do we need to take a day?

    1. different protocols exist....
      starting from one drop dissolved in water up to 30 drops to the 30th day and then back decreasing the dose to one drop a day

  5. Yes, you can take it with chemo as well as any other medications.

  6. I have got a question ; I am going to buy it for my Sister . She has it on 4th Level. Do you guys think , will it help a little bit . Please contact me on

    Thank you very much for informastions