Monday, April 4, 2011

The 72 Hour Remedy: Salt and Vitamin C Never Tasted So Good!

Based on the research of the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Linus Pauling and other cutting-edge theories, the 72 Hour Remedy takes two common household items--Salt and Vitamin C--and combines them into one powerfully effective way to combat the root cause of Lyme disease.
Yes, that's right; these two common items, one that most dieticians advise you to avoid in large quantities and the other, according to researchers like Pauling, that we don't take in large enough quantities, can help you win the battle against Lyme disease-quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
Did you know that Americans eat less salt today than ever before in history? Theorists are demonstrating that a whole host of new illnesses could be a result of our lowered consumption of salt. Early Americans consumed approximately 20 grams a day. Individual consumption has been drastically decreasing with each decade. Medical researchers are now wondering if the decrease in salt consumption has allowed these new illnesses, such as Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's disease, and Gulf War Syndrome to flourish? More recently, the salt scare of the past couple of decades has been brought into question with many researchers admitting they were wrong. In addition, the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C is a mere 60 milligrams per day. Researchers like Pauling are suggesting 18,000 milligrams per day would result in profound benefits for preventive health. These are certainly dramatic differences with tremendous implications for those suffering from Lyme Disease.
Taking these two common items together results in the systematic eradication of the bacteria associated with Lyme disease. But, it's even more effective than that. Recent research is showing the possibility of other pathogens being associated with Lyme disease. These pathogens may cause many of the lingering and seemingly untreatable symptoms of the disease that plague so many Lyme disease sufferers long after treatment. Additional forms of bacteria, mites, and worms all can exacerbate the typical symptoms and presentation of the disease. The 72 Hour Remedy acts to wipe out these largely hidden causes of the disease quickly, painlessly, and with unbelievable effectiveness.
  • 12-one gram tablets of salt. One brand of salt pill is CMC(Consolidated Midland Corporation), NDC#0223-1760-01, ordered through a pharmacy (no prescription required)
  • 12-1,000 mg tablets of Vitamin C
  • Water
The treatment requires that you take 1 tablet of each every hour throughout the day with ample amounts of water, a demanding schedule but the results are well worth the slight inconvenience. Taking each dosage with food is advised to help in absorption and to reduce side effects.
Avoid large doses at the outset; some individuals suffer debilitating effects from larger doses. If you can tough it out, do so. However, the effects are sometimes immediate and powerful if the infection is of long duration and the bacteria has had a chance to establish a strong foothold in your system.
We have found a better approach is to "scale up", gradually increasing the dosage and "working with" the Herxheimer reactions as they occur with the protocol. A gradual-dosage protocol, even at the initial lower quantities, can have a notable effect depending upon bacterial load, body weight, etc. In fact, a smaller person often does not have to use the entire 12 grams per day of salt and Vitamin C; 6 to 8 grams often is enough for a full effect.
In any case, indications that the body is 'flushing' toxins and attendant phenomena referred to as 'Herxheimer' reactions (see 'Common Side Effects below) should suggest that the current dosage level in a gradual-dose protocol should be maintained. Once the body becomes acclimated to that level of dosage, the next higher level can be attempted. Should the Herxheimer reaction be especially arduous, return to the lower dosage until the reaction passes, then resume a gradual increase once again.
An example of a gradual-dose protocol would begin with a dose of 1 gram each of salt and Vitamin C at 10 am and again at 2 PM. If you experiene fatigue or have a mild feeling of malaise, omit a 6 PM dose. Instead, drink plenty of water through the rest of the day and evening. Maintain a schedule of just 2 doses per day until there is no reaction--this may take 1 or 2 days--then move on to 3 doses per day with the addition of a dose at 6 PM.
Continue a gradual increase until reaching the 8 -12g of both salt and Vitamin C. Though 12 grams a day is what the protocol asks for, there is usually a notable effect after reaching 8 grams per day. Higher doses have an increased effect where there is a "stubborn" area in the body. Once you've attained the prescribed dosage, you will begin noticing immediate results. "Bad" bacteria will begin dying almost immediately as the potent combination of Vitamin C and salt helps cleanse the body of toxins and "supercharges" the body's defenses.
Remember to drink large quantities of water--no less than 12-8 ounce glasses. This will not only serve to keep you hydrated as your body flushes itself, but also help to make sure the remedy is delivered throughout the body as needed.
If after 72 hours you do not feel better, repeat the remedy once every 3-5 days until you notice the benefits. Additional remedies are presented below to assist your body in its healing process.
Why does this protocol work?
Our white blood cells (WBC) are important parts of our immune system. Some of them display unique "mechanisms" with which they attack and kill bad bugs in our bodies, like the Borrelia b. bacteria that cause Lyme disease. One class of white blood cells in particular has areas where they store an enzyme that uses an acid, along with hydrogen peroxide, to produce an oxygen particle (electron) that kills invading microbes. In other words, it creates and uses a free radical molecule to protect itself.
Another area of storage in these same white blood cells contains different types of proteins (polypeptides), one of which is called cathelicidin. A segment of this protein is a potential bacteria killer (bacteriacide) that increases the "permeability" of the bacteria's cell membrane which ultimately kills them.
One enzyme, called "elastase" a series of short protein peptides, are able to be assembled into larger ones (dubbed "LL-37") that are able to increase the "permeability" of the bacteria's cell membrane.
These two enzymes work together when they meet an offending bacterium. The elastase uses some of the cathelicidins to pull out a protein molecule from the surface membrane of bacteria. This causes an opening or "pore" to form in the membrane itself. This allows vital potassium ions needed by the microorganism to escape from within its internal walls (the Borrelia's "cytoplasm") and out through the "pore". This damages the bacteria internally, resulting in swelling and eventually ruptures the microorganism.
Increasing the salt in the body fluids surrounding the Borrelia bacteria contributes to the killing effect by allowing sodium ions to enter the bacteria through the "pore" created by the anti-microbial peptides. The increased level of sodium in the bacteria, combined with the loss of needed potassium, enhances the killing effect further.
Vitamin C is known to increase the number and activity of white blood cells. People infected with Lyme disease often have lower white blood cell counts due to the ongoing infection. So, in addition to the known anti-microbial "osmotic pressure effect" of salt, it appears the Vitamin C may increase the number and activity of the white blood cells needed, and then the increased salt levels in the intra cellular fluid "arms" them with Borrelia-killing enzymes and peptides.
Common Side Effects
This protocol may take longer for some individuals due to the length of time the bacteria has had to create pockets of infection. However, many people with mild cases have complete remission of symptoms after even 1 or 2 days. Others have to use the protocol longer or periodically over time. As encouraging as that may be, it's important to be aware that the protocol may cause side effects in some individuals.
Because you are actively helping your body fight the bacteria, diarrhea is common. This is a sign that your body is beginning to flush out the toxins and begin renewal. This may also be a sign that your bowel has reached its tolerance for Vitamin C.
This is one of the indications of a Herxheimer reaction and also signals that healing is starting. It is widely recognized that the Herxheimer reaction is caused by the release of toxic chemicals called endotoxins released from the cell walls of dying bacteria due to effective treatment. Dorlands Medical Dictionary adds that the condition is a short-term immunological reaction which causes fever, chills, muscle pain, headaches, and skin lesions. This, in turn, results in a response from the immune system which manifests the symptoms experienced by the individual being treated.
The generalized symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction, as listed above, are not all-inclusive. The severity of the reaction is proportional to the dosage of the drug or treatment causing the reaction and a wide variety of symptoms can result if the waste products reach any specific areas of the body. In such cases, the added symptoms are localized to the area or affected system. Nausea, diarrhea and soreness of the throat may also result.


  1. What about mixing vit C with baking soda 2:1 ? To make it less acidic and prevent acidosis and diarrhea. adding baking soda should produce CO2 and sodium ascorbate, which is also beneficial form of vit C. It can cause "winds" but should not cause diarrhea.


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  2. You have explained everything about salt in a manner which is understandable if we take it as hypothesis. But you fail to make explanation about Vit c and what is its role in this protocol.

    Now what i think why this protocol works for large number of people , when any foreign organism enters our body and tries to invade our body , its first strategy lies in to disrupt inter-cell communication , just think if there no way for our body cells to communicate with each other they will separate out and declare themselves as an individual organism if they can do Homeostasis alone. Now Sodium is major electrolyte which lies outside side cell , majorly in blood. Now brains first Line of communication is electrical signal , if it fails or does not get desired output then alternate paths like enzyme signaling or signaling by complex molecules like peptides are used. Like your heart cells are in a constant sync with brain for electrical signal to make them contract and relax , remember without electrical signal we cannot even move even our hand , which says how important is electrical pulsing in our body. Now when any foreign micro organism gets into our body it tries to disrupt this first line of communication (electrical signalling) . Now to send electrical signal body uses ions , because we have no free electron like electrical wire does. So to conduct electric signals body uses electrolytes. Major electrolytes in our body are sodium , potassium , calcium , Magnesium. Out of these four magnesium and potassium are majorly in tissues or we can say they are inside cells so brain cannot use them to send electrical pulse to any cell. Now calcium and sodium are only to be found in blood , out of which sodium constitutes largest portion of electrolytes found in blood. So Sodium is the only option for electrical signals between inter-cell , communication b/w brain and body cell . They can disrupt this communication via damaging hypothalamus or making other fundamental changes in our body. Brain being protected by BBB cannot be invaded easily , other way to make body sodium deficient is to make kidneys wall harder which trick kidneys to think ‘ohh there is too much sodium in blood excrete some outside while situation is very different inside body’ . Other way to make your body sodium deficient is to make your adrenals weak but I am not gonna talk about adrenal fatigue here. By making your body communication weak your body cannot efficiently recognize and fight infection and even cannot differentiate between body cells and invaders. This is why you feel fatigue and this is true for people suffering from CFS and in particular for whom this protocol does wonders. Now why what role Vit c does is to convert a whole sodium molecule into Ionised state , Which is required to conduct electrical signaling. If there is no Vit c all of sodium cannot be converted into ionized state , and you don’t get all benefits. Remember ascorbic acid (vit c) is a free radical scavenger it gives extra electron or take electron to make other molecules stable ,this is how it takes two electron from sodium to convert it into Na^2+ . This is same thing which happen in Lemon batteries , vit c converts metal ions so that they can be used for electric conductance.

    This how taking large doses of salt and vit c ,you can start your bodies natural electrical signaling and fight infection with more strength. I don’t disagree with what you say , but I want to add this up to make picture a little more clearer.

  3. I got sore swollen glands, whats that telling me, I did it for 3 days and received no herx but more energy and a good feeling then I stopped and my glands started hurtig

  4. tried a hundred home remedies, nothing. Did salt and c for three days hard core. Almost a year and feel 110%. Why do you think there aren't 100 web sites for this 'no one can get rich selling it to you". salt and c are almost free.
    best reguards

    1. Hi. Did you only do the salt and c for 3 days and a year later you still feel great, or did you do the salt and c for a year? I'm trying it now after long term illness. Did you do it every hour? I'm doing a higher dose 4 times a day. Thank you.

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  11. I have been doing the Vitamin C and salt protocol for 2 days, 1000mg of Vitamin C and about a 1/5 of a teaspoon of sea salt every couple of hours. After about 3 doses I have started getting terrible pain in my left leg. Is this a side effect of the treatment? If so, what should I do? I would really appreciate any help. Thank you. Dolci

  12. I have been doing the Vitamin C and sea salt Protocol for 3 days now. I am taking 500mg of Vitamin C in chewable form. I just noticed that the Vitamin C has 50mg of sodium in each tablet! That means that I'm getting about 1000mg of sodium from the Vitamin C I'm taking alone! That is in addition to the sodium I'm getting from the sea salt I'm taking. Is this safe? I would truly appreciate any assistance I could get in this matter. I don't know if I should stop the protocol or not. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Dolci


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  17. Somethong very funny is going on here. There are multiple posts above, all with the exact same story and written in the same style and length and format, declaring their joy at being cured of HIV by herbal medicines by doctors who they provide details for. But every doctor is diffent. It just doesnt add up. Im sorry, i really think this is an elaborate scam set up to lure desperate people in.

    Please beware people. I am totally for altrnative, natural and herbal medicine, and dead against allopathis medical poison! But I am not for scammers, just be careful people.

    The salt/C protocol, that I believe is genuine, althouh not too straightforward to self administer and follow.