My Lyme Story

Lyme Disease is unlike any other syndrome on the planet. Alternative practitioners note that it is more difficult to treat than cancer. The reason for this is that it is a bioengineered complex of thousands of viruses, parasites, fungi, mycoplasma, and other organisms. It is designed to be undetectable in the early stages, untreatable, and eventually, permanently disabling. It is also designed to get worse if treatment is attempted, a phenomenon observed in the herxheimer reactions noted by those who try to treat their Lyme disease.

One morning I woke up with some "mysterious" disease. It  hit me with Bell's Pallsy, extreme Fatigue, horrible muscle and joint pain, brain fog, and confusion. As everybody else I was misdiagnosed for some time.
As I began to understand that M.D.’s don’t have all the answers, I began to look elsewhere. I took a new approach, I began studying and trying things that helped REAL people feel better. I am quite certain than many reading this post know exactly what I’m talking about – instead of listening to doctors, you start desperately searching for something to take the edge of, to give you your life back.
You interview other Lyme patients and ask what has worked.
I encountered various herbs, alternative treatments, acupuncture, homeopathy, essential oils, conventional antibiotics, you name it. All these are wonderful treatments; all hold their place in the big picture of health. However – in my case, while some of these helped, the help was insignificant and very discouraging.
I kept asking myself, “how is this treatment going to get the spirochetes out?”
So, I have been in denial for almost a year now. I was not able to admit I was really sick, that I was in a life-death border… Not me, I thought nothing could happen to someone like me…
Hi there, my name is Katrina, and here is my story. 
I am (was) a super healthy athlete, fitness and yoga instructor, tennis player, model, medical student, and a small business owner. I had my own goals and ambitions and that healthy drive that motivated me through each and every day. I enjoyed every moment of life and could not imagine that hell exists… If you read this, you know what I mean…
October 29, 2009—my life turned upside down… I went to sleep planning my next day—French lesson, school, work, yoga… I woke up in a horrible pain--my limbs were numb, my face was paralyzed, my head was in agony… I can’t describe all the horror I felt. I ended up in NYU ER, New York City. Why the hell they did not tested me for Lyme, why they even did not mention Lyme was a possibility???? They gave me some steroids and sent me home! STEROIDS and LYME --- worst enemies!!! Never ever take steroids if you have Lyme disease, they just suppress your immune system and Lyme will multiply in seconds! Thank God I listened to my intuition and did not take them! I asked the Doc in NYU hospital if I should do acupuncture to help me with Bell’s Pallsy. “ACUPUNCTURE – oh NO, don’t do that! Don’t let them touch your face! “ What an ignorant doctor, she would left me half paralyzed … After ER I went straight to Chinese medicine practitioner in PCOM, NYc. Those people are amazing; I can’t express how grateful I am for their care! 
I will never forget October 29, 2009, the morning I ended up in ER in a total shock and denial. I was treated so inhumanely by hospital employees, all they cared about my insurance card. Finally, when all the paperwork was done the doctor came to see me, I was diagnosed with "Bells Pallsy", which in western medicine is an idiopathic condition, meaning there is no known cause and NO cure.
The whole day I was traveling from one hospital to another for nothing. Knowing that it was an emergency they told me to bring 2 referrals and next available appointment would be in 2 weeks from that day.
I decided to trust myself to alternative medicine and self-healing.
I was really scared and was feeling so alone. I was not able to tell my parents because they are oversees and would be scared to death, but unable to help. The other close to me people did not seem care... 
So, I still don't know how out of 5,000 friends on Facebook I connected with Dr Peter Veniez. We talked a couple of times before my trauma and at that time I would never imagine he would be that light in the tunnel for me. 
The days became totally different ... I lost control over my life... I thought : "Why me?" We always take everything for granted and think nothing would happen to us until it really happens...
On day 3 I start having major panic attacks (The fear and sorrow inside me made me insane, the only hope I had for people close to me, but they were not there for me. I hope no one will go through that hell). 
I was home by myself in a complete darkness with a couple candles on, burning some incense and lavender to tranquilize my mind. Tears would constantly brake through and I would go from total numbness to a state of panic...
I was blesses to meet a total stranger online who helped me through... Dr Peter Veniez put me under hypnoses to withdraw me from shock and fear and encouraged me to come to Montreal to get treatments from Chinese healer.
The only person who did not ask questions but just packed and went with me was my friend Olga (I am really grateful to her).
So, here I am... Totally sick, having tidal fevers, emotional outbreaks, being constantly cold, and having numbness in my limbs driving myself to Montreal. I did not take road trip forever, I thought this would be a nice therapy, would distract my mind from my trauma... BUT I was WRONG, I was so broken down that I was praying just to make it there ... I am grateful to my friend Brigitta to check on me regularly... She was the only person who called me to make sure I arrived.
Montreal, mon épargnant... 
Dr Peter picked me up from my hotel with his beautiful wife Brigitte and took me to Cecilene, the true healer. She would spend hours with me every day to help me to recover. After a couple of treatments she told me : " I will not charge you anymore, I just want to help you". Moreover she offered to stay as long as I need to in her sisters hotel for almost nothing. After her treatments Dr. Peter took me to his clinic for more hypnoses session to help me recuperate and get better (I just want to make it clear Dr. Peter Veniez had never asked me to pay him and helping me from the bottom of his heart) . I HAVE NEVER MET SUCH WONDERFUL PEOPLE BEFORE. I love them so much!
I made it back to NYc in a week recovering and full of hope. THANK YOU!
I would like to thank Dr. Peter Veniez, his wife Brigitte, Cicelene, my beautiful friends Olga and Brigitta for everything! I appreciate it so much! I love you guys!
6 weeks later I became even sicker than before. I had no idea what was going on with me, I was so scared, I lost total control over my life. I was taken by ambulance to Morristown hospital ER in New Jersey… Physical pain was as bad as emotional. Lyme has no mercy, it destroys us completely.
After a day of all the possible tests I was announced perfectly healthy and was sent home. Good, I’ve got a referral to a neurologist to follow up, who diagnosed me with Lyme right away. I am really grateful to Matthew Frank Conigliari, M.D., who agreed to see me in his lunch time without an appointment.
It’s been only 6 weeks since I’ve been infected…. But it was already too late to be cured… 
As soon as I got home, I googled Lyme and got horrified, I realized I had a long road ahead of me… I started antibiotics right away, but every day I was becoming sicker and sicker… I went to every doc possible, I knocked every door, I begged for help without any response… I called so many LLMDs, but they refused to take a new patient since they had been harassed by legal agencies.
Finally I’ve got an appointment with Caroline Welcome, PA in Dr. Raxlen’s office.
She confirmed I had Lyme+ all the possible cocktail of coinfections. 
So, this is how I started my Lyme-battle...
 I would like to give my appreciation to this amazing healers:
Dr. Peter Veniez (ND, Hypnotists )
Lainey Tant (Ondomed practitioner)
Lai san Leung (MSTOM, LAc)
Anne Jeffers (MSTOM, LAc)
Gary Blier