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How to Quickly Clear Out Lyme Disease Toxins

How to Quickly Clear Out Lyme Disease Toxins From Your Patients
 By Greg Lee / Two Frogs Healing Center

Have you heard stories of ships that would get lost in a dense fog? Before the invention of radar, ships relied upon sailors to look out and avoid dangerous conditions. Lighthouses would also warn about coastline hazards. A dense fog would cause these ships to become blind to hazards in their path. They could end up straying off course or sailing into rocks that would damage or sink the ship. 

How is a ship lost in the fog just like a person with Lyme disease toxins in their brain?

Just like a ship lost in the fog, people get confused and lost in their cloud of Lyme disease toxins
Lyme bacteria produce nerve toxins that are similar to the Clostridium botulinum (botulism) C2 toxin1. The C2 toxin can induce hypotension (low blood pressure), an increase in intestinal secretion, an increase how capillaries let nutrients or cells flow in and out, and bleeding in the lungs2. These toxins are able to move through the blood stream and through tissues because they are the same size as a water molecule. When they enter the brain, they can interfere with memory recall, finding the right words, and being able to speak clearly. Lyme bacteria also release different toxins when they are killed by antibiotics or the immune system.

Lyme bacteria release endotoxins when they are killed
The dead remains of Lyme bacteria contain a different toxin called endotoxins3. When antibiotics, anti-Lyme medicines, or treatments kill Lyme bacteria, a flood of toxins gets released which is called a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction or herx for short. This combination of different Lyme toxins can leave you feeling like you caught the flu, or feeling pains wandering around your body. Unfortunately, these toxins can produce a diverse combination of symptoms that can show up anywhere in the body. This wide range of symptoms makes accurate diagnosis and treatment much more difficult. Not only do Lyme bacteria produce toxins, so do other tick infections, also known as co-infections.

Co-infections such as babesia also produces toxic symptoms
Babesia is another infection that infected ticks can transmit through their bite. This infection is a protozoa that produces symptoms similar to malaria: sweats, fever and chills, shortness of breath, brain fog, and headaches. According to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's research, toxins from tick-borne pathogens such as Babesia microti may cause chronic illness4. Unfortunately, the specific types of babesia toxins have not been identified. Due to the similarity to a similarity in symptoms, Babesia toxins are hypothesized to be similar in nature to it's cousin malaria. Malaria has a toxin that is similar to endotoxins5 and another that is a glycolipid that's a big mouthful called glycosylphosphatidylinositol6. Other tick infections also produce Herxheimer toxic die-off reactions.

Patients treated for a Bartonella infection have toxic die-off reactions, too
Bartonella is another tick borne infection that can be transmitted by tick bites, and through bites and scratches of infected animals. This infection can produces symptoms of burning pain, electrical zapping sensations, brain fog, or streak like rashes. One of the unusual signs of a Bartonella die-off reaction is a sudden increase in feelings of anxiety or a panic attack. These symptoms are known to increase when patients take antibiotics which implies that toxins are being released by the dead bacteria. The specific types of Bartonella toxins have yet to be identified.

Some people are missing the proper genes to get rid of these toxins
There is a part of your immune system called HLA-DR7 (Human Leukocyte Antigen) that scavenges up foreign substances like toxins. Unfortunately, some people are lacking the genes which enables them to scavenge Lyme bacteria and co-infection toxins. As a result, these toxins continue to accumulate and circulate throughout the bloodstream and eventually get filtered through the liver. These toxins get then dumped from the liver into the bile which flows into the small intestine. Unfortunately, these toxins have a nasty habit of getting reabsorbed in the intestines and recirculating back into the blood stream. People who are lacking these genes get much sicker because they are being poisoned by the same toxins over and over again.

How can people who lack these genes get these toxins out?

There are three strategies for helping the immune system to eliminate toxins effectively

1. The first way to eliminate toxins is to bind them up
When toxins are in the small intestines, they can easily pass through the intestinal walls back into the blood stream. If the toxins are bound to another substance before they can be re-absorbed, then they will be passed out through the stool. Cholestyramine is a synthetic resin that is prescribed by Lyme literate doctors to bind to toxins. Toxins have a negative charge which binds to the positive charge of Cholestyramine. 

Chinese nut galls or Galla Chinensis8 (Chinese name: wu bei zi) and Terminalia Chebula8 or Haritaki (Chinese name: he zi) are used in a similar fashion to Cholestyramine in Chinese herbal medicine. These herbs have a strong affinity for binding to substances. So, it is recommended to take Galla Chinensis two hours away from other herbs and medications. Terminalia Chebula can be added to other herbs without the two hour restriction.

2. The second strategy is to eliminate toxins is to neutralize them
When Lyme bacteria are killed, they release endotoxins. There are several herbs that have stopped endotoxin shock in animal studies. When given to Lyme disease patients, they reduce herxheimer symptoms. These herbs include: 
Forsythia Suspensa9 (Chinese name lian qiao)
Scutellaria Baicalensis9 (Chinese name: huang qin)
Taraxacum Officinale9 / Dandelion (Chinese name: pu gong ying)
Viola Yedoensis9 (Chinese name: zi hua di ding)

3. The third strategy is to draw toxins out of the body directly
The treatment of applying suction cups to the body helps to draw toxins out of the body10. In order to remove these toxins from the body, the suction cups are removed from the body. Using three edged acupuncture needles, three small holes are made on the skin where the cups were placed. Then the suction cups are replaced over the needling site to draw the toxins out of the blood and the lymph. Fluids that are drawn into the cup that are darker in color than blood, or have a very viscous quality is believed to be a sign of toxins11.

Using these three strategies, you can get Lyme disease toxins out of the body
Just like the wind that blows dense fog away, these three strategies will help you to draw Lyme disease and co-infection toxins out of the nervous system. These methods have improved short-term memory recall, the ability to multitask, and facial recognition. These methods are extremely useful if a person is lacking the genes to eliminate toxins. Consult with a Lyme literate Chinese medicine practitioner to see which of these methods are best for your condition.

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