Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Lyme Success Story with ASD

I had Lyme undiagnosed for at least a year. After starting antibiotics I started feeling even worth. I went totally downhill. I tried Samento, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver-- slowly start feeling better! But my recovery I can address to ASD - Antiseptic Dorogova, Russian supplement. I start feeling improvements in 2 weeks after taking ASD. It does smell really bad, but with Lyme i did not care, I just continued taking it, i wanted to with this battle! Yes, I did herx on it a lot, but it means ASD was killing the bug! I was also taking vitamin C to support my immune system, chlorella -- to detox. I am of European origin myself, so I have heard about ASD before, that it cured many people in Russia from tuberculosis and other infectious disease. So i tried it with Lyme-- and it did cleared up the infection!
I am really happy with the ASD antiseptic!
Maria S.

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