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Lyme Success Story

All too often we hear of people not getting well from Lyme. Here is a success story I just read:


I am writing to thank you for your excellent books, which helped me cure my 21-year-old son, and to tell you a few things we discovered in the process. Our treatment process could not be easily reproduced just anywhere, but it was very effective, and I feel an obligation to let somebody know about what we did that worked. You seem like the best choice of “somebody”!

In June, 2007, my son was in London (where we had lived for 17 years before moving back to the States) doing an internship at a hedge fund. He was perfectly healthy (as far as we knew, anyway!) when he started. However, one week into the internship, he began having leg pains, and from there advanced (or perhaps I should say declined) rapidly to severe pain, exhaustion, and the onset of Bell’s Palsy only four weeks later. The conventional medical establishment tried various things, and then a blood test came back positive SIMULTANEOUSLY for Lyme, Epstein-Barr, and walking pneumonia. The minute they saw the Bell’s Palsy, they wanted to put him on IV antibiotics for neurological Lyme. They threatened permanent brain damage if we did not commence cefalo-something immediately, and put enormous pressure on me to follow their recommendations.

My son is both extremely gifted, and also significantly autistic spectrum. Because of the autistic spectrum issues, I knew enough about mercury and it’s inter-relatedness with Lyme to be leery of the quick-fix-antibiotic theory. The more I read on the internet, the more I became convinced that ESPECIALLY in this sort of co-infection case, antibiotics were the road to long-term difficulties. Then, mercifully, I found your books (at the Hale Clinic, the best of London’s health stores). From you, I began to understand WHY antibiotics might not be a great choice: a) antibiotics weaken the immune system in general, so if you are co-infected the best you can hope for is that the antibiotic will help with the Lyme but everything else may get worse as your immune system suffers; and b) since the spirochete morphs, the antibiotic probably will not really treat the Lyme effectively anyway, by that stage.

Using what I learned from your books in conjunction with my other alternative healing resources in London, we put together a treatment program which proved extremely effective. In particular, I worked with a fabulous acupuncturist, and an alternative physician who is an MD but believes in using non-pharma treatments when they are the best thing for the patient (which is often the case). The MD came to think that the most likely explanation of his sudden decline was a protozoan infestation which knocked out his immune system and created a field day for anything else that was there lying in wait.
Our treatment plan consisted of:

* IV Vitamin C and other nutrients — I don’t know all the details of what my alternative physician put in the drips, but the Vitamin C in particular was spectacular for “mopping up” all the neurotoxins and inflammatories, thus providing substantial symptom relief and also reducing the burden of what his body had to struggle to eliminate.

* Daily acupuncture — several sets of needles every day, 7 days a week: some for symptom management, some for strengthening his system to fight the various invaders. Acupuncture is particularly effective for treating Bell’s Palsy, which is considered by the Chinese to be merely a chi shortage in a weak channel, and very susceptible of treatment. Using a combination of acupuncture and IV Vitamin C, we were able to completely eliminate the Bell’s Palsy in two weeks (starting from a case so severe that he could not talk or eat without using his hand to pinch the left side of his mouth closed). The conventional doctors had said that it would take months, ranging even up to a year.

* Chinese herbs — sent by our acupuncturist’s mentor from China, where they apparently have plenty of experience with Lyme. These were apparently high-quality herbs, harvested in remote mountain regions so that they retained their strength & purity in a way that commonly available herbs sometimes do not. I do not know what all was included, but apparently artemisinin was among the ingredients.

* A rotation of non-pharma treatments including Samento, colloidal silver, etc to keep the spirochete on the defensive.

* Various homeopathic treatments, some included in the IV’s, and others taken by mouth. Among the treatments used were remedies from Sanum (see which are in the tradition of Enderlein remedies, homeopathic remedies which (as I understand it) are taken by the patient but targeted at the spirochete, to cause it to morph back into a form which the immune system can manage.

* Nutritional supplements, again directed at building the body’s ability to defend itself.

* Eventually, as he was recovering, we added a Rife machine which he began using regularly to help root out the remaining spirochetes. He also used other frequencies to target viral, bacterial, and protozoan invaders.

All of the treatment was guided by the use of sophisticated muscle testing (sometimes called applied kinesiology, or autonomic response testing) to select treatments and Rife frequencies. Our alternative physician has many trays of small vials, both of pathogens and of possible treatments, and he uses them (in conjunction with his medical knowledge) to muscle test so as to choose which of many possible treatments to use at a given time, based on the body’s response.

My son first became ill the second week in June. By four weeks later, he had severe pain and fatigue, and the Bell’s Palsy had robbed him of all control of the left side of his face, and perhaps half of the control of the right side. At that point, we made the choice to adopt our combination of non-pharma treatments. Within one week, the Bell’s Palsy was mostly gone and he was pink again (rather than that awful scary blue color he had become). By the end of the second week, his dimples were fully-functioning again (ie the Bell’s Palsy was completely gone). At the end of the fourth week of treatment, he announced in a tone of amazement that he thought he felt good enough to play Super Mario again!
At the end of the seventh week of treatment, he returned to Williams College in Massachusetts to begin his junior year. He was still plagued by pain in his joints & elsewhere, and he had severe unpredictable intermittent herx reactions, and he had no stamina or resilience to speak of — but he was improved enough to be able to carry a 3-course load (one shy of the normal 4) and he made it successfully through the year, healing gradually. In November, ill as he was, he took the Putnam Exam (national college-level mathematics contest) and placed among the top 100 students nationwide. (So much for permanent brain damage!) He returned to London in October, at Christmas, in March, and in June for further acupuncture and IV treatments, and adjustment of his supplements etc based on further muscle testing.
By June 2006, a year after onset and 11 months into the treatment, his body seemed to be managing the pathogens reasonably well, although his energy level was still not back to normal. He was able to participate fully in a summer mathematics research program, and then (15 months into treatment) carry a full academic load for his senior year. He continues to visit London every 4-6 months, to use the Rife machine, and to take both Chinese herbs and a much-reduced assortment of other supplements and treatments. He is planning to take a low-key gap year before heading to graduate school, because he wants to make sure he gets his full strength back, and also because the past couple of years have been very tiring emotionally as you can imagine. But he is mostly WELL!!!!! with only the occasional very minor herx, after he uses the rife machine and/or when he is very very tired.

I believe the keys to our success story were:

* the good fortune of my finding your books when I needed them, so that we did not ever get started in the downward spiral of antibiotics;

* the good fortune of our having enormously gifted, creative, dedicated healers in the persons of our acupuncturist and our alternative physician in London (whom I found separately, so that they did not even know each other, but were nonetheless able to support one another’s work);

* the use of kinesiology to make the treatments as responsive as possible to what his particular body needed specifically at a given stage;

* the good fortune of having the financial resources to do what we wanted, since the insurance company paid for virtually none of the treatment; and

* my son’s faithful adherence to his treatment regimen, through a long and discouraging illness.

People ask me what our treatment was, hoping to offer suggestions to someone they know who is afflicted. Unfortunately, this is not a treatment plan which can be reproduced in a mechanical fashion. It relies on the presence of two very gifted healers, working together. It cost a lot of money, mainly due to the frequency of acupuncture required. There is no “formula” which could then be used on someone else; rather, much of what they did was very specific to my son’s particular vulnerabilities, and would have to be different for a different patient — although of course certainly some of it was particular to the pathogens.

On the other hand, I feel that we have been enormously successful in triumphing over this illness, and surely somebody somewhere would benefit by knowing what we were able to do. I don’t know whether you will be able to do anything with this information, but I wanted to send it to you, just in case.

Thank you again for your pioneering work which gave me the information I needed at a crucial moment to find the right way forward.

Yours sincerely,


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