Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liver Detox Diet

Liver Detox Diet – Your complete diet plan

Liver detox diet can be of great help to enhance liver health. Liver is responsible to complete a lot many functions in the human body. Even after suffering from innumerable abuse because of alcohol and several other drugs, it doesn’t fall short of its functions. Still it is quite a neglected organ of the human body. Hence, it is imperative that the toxicity levels of the liver should be bought down with an effective liver detox diet, so that the liver is better able to perform its function and bless you with good health all through your life. 

Getting prepared

Before you get started, the body of an individual should first be prepared for the liver detox diet, for maximum benefit. So, a person must stop consuming caffeine, fatty food, alcohol, meat, junk food and decaf at least a week before they plan to get started with their detox diet.
Switching over to vegetables and fresh fruits along with increased intake of water, wheat bread and less consumption of sugar is the right thing to do. You may include turmeric powder and rosemary tea in your diet and start taking artichoke and dandelion supplements.

The one week liver detox diet

The duration of a liver detox diet is one week.

1-3 days

During this time, you have to take entirely liquid diet. This would mean drinking 10-12 water glasses everyday along with freshly squeezed lime juice. It is advisable not to take any beverages at this time, including milk, milk shakes, yoghurt and others. 
You may feel fatigued in these three days as the toxins are flushed out fro your system. Little exercise or walk will be a good idea. This speeds up the elimination process of toxins.

4-6 days

You can now take freshly squeezed fruit juices that are prepared from organically matured vegetables and fruits. The intake of water remains the same as in the previous phase, though the addition or elimination of lemon juice is your call now.
Prepare a juice every morning, using celery, oranges and apples and carrots. Continue with drinking rosemary tea, twice or thrice, everyday. 
Boil four different kinds of vegetables every afternoon, such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, celery and potatoes and prepare their vegetable broth. Once you have chopped the vegetables, boil them, filter them and drink its broth after an interval or every three hours.

7th day

Fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown organically can now be included in your diet. You may steam them or consume them raw. Rosemary tea and intake of water remains the same. Do not forget to take your dandelion supplement.
This is a perfect liver detox diet. Now, you can gradually switch over to your normal diet, though it is good to restrict alcohol beverages for at least one more week after the completion of diet.

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