Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heliotherapy-Fun under the Sun!

One of the oldest health care practices is heliotherapy or sunbathing. This ancient healing practice has been used for thousands of years to keep people in high states of health and to fight common illnesses by boosting immunity. Modern research on the remarkable health benefits of Vitamin D confirm that sunbathing is one of the most important health care practices available to us today.
Heliotherapy – Benefits of Sunbathing
Since the dawn of time up until the past two-hundred years, people lived and worked outdoors in the light of the sun. We now wake up in our homes, get in our car and drive to the office. For most of us, the only time we spend outdoors is simply walking back and forth to our vehicles. We make this even worse by wearing sunglasses which keep our eyes from receiving any of the sun’s beneficial rays.
Brief History
The first recorded instances of sunbathing are to be found in ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Babylon, Assyria, and Persia. The Egyptians, Babylonians, and Assyrians had their sun-gardens, and many of these people gave the sun the dignity of a god.
In the third century AD, sun worship, which at that time was called “Mithraism”, practically became the universal religion. The introduction of Christianity put an end to the widespread practice of sunbathing for nearly a thousand years, as the Christians of the time deemed sunbathing to be a “sin.”
The Romans used sunbaths in training their gladiators because it would strengthen and enlarge their muscles. The physicians of this time also considered the sun to be “the best food and medicine in the world”.
Dr G D Babbitt, in his book, Human Culture and Cure, makes the following comment on sunlight:
“There is a vast array of forces of every kind, including iron, magnesium, sodium, carbon, and other elements conveyed by the sunlight, but why shall we not take these elements in their ordinary form from our drugstores, and not go to the trouble of taking sun-baths? Because when these elements are given us in so refined a form, as to come directly from the sun as an ether, or to float skywards and be driven to us by the solar rays, they must be far more penetrating, enduring, safe, pleasant, and upbuilding to the mental system than if they were used in a crude form.”
Statistics done by Danish scientist Thorwald Madsen show that disease, particularly infectious disease, occurs most frequently during the seasons in which the people get the least amount of sunshine. He concluded: “The prevalence of disease corresponds to the amount and intensity of the sunshine. The more sunshine, the greater the resistance to disease; the less sunshine, the lower resistance to disease.”
People who practice sunbathing have shown dramatically lowered blood pressure, regulated blood sugar, lowered cholesterol and an increased white blood cell count.
Heliotherapy utilizes the beneficial effects of the sun, air and light to make a person healthier. It is only recently that the medical profession has decided that the sun must be damaging and dangerous to our health.

The sun’s rays are effective against various diseases from the tenth century, so it’s almost a tradition.
Heliotherapy has beneficial effects on the rickets Disease that develops during childhood and is developed by a lack of vitamin D, from the sun.
Another benefit is its stimulating effect, which is why it is considered that people in warmer tropical areas are more cheerful and happy. Thus, the heliotherapy is used as a remedy for anxiety or depression and other disorders of this type.
Heliotherapy also offers benefits over affections skin. Exposure to sunlight causes a mild irritation to the skin capillaries dilate the surface of the skin surface, thereby increasing the blood flow through the skin and helps to advance the recovery.
Furthermore, this technique can also improve appetite and some respiratory diseases.
What modern medicine does not understand is the sun does not cause cancer at all. The sun is simply an accelerator. If you are eating unhealthy and adding more toxins to your body, a large excess of sun exposure will maximize this towards an ill effect.
On the other hand, if you are eating a very healthy diet, the sun maximizes those benefits and actually accelerates your path towards health and longevity.

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