Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top Tips to Boost Immune System Naturally and Quickly

Boost immune system with these top natural remedies that exist in food, herbs, lifestyle and supplements that will destroy and remove your foreign invaders and add the key nutrient ‘players’ needed for best functioning of the immune system. 

  • Water - single most important nutrient, helps your cells to properly communicate the healing messages, critical for an effective detox, vital for all your body systems to function correctly to boost immune system, helps maintain healthy energy, dehydration promotes cancer cell growth, drink ½ your weight in ounces of pure water, if using distilled water add minerals back to it, Click here for ‘More Water Facts’
  • Whole food diet - eat food found in nature as close to original form as possible without added toxins (a toxin is anything not currently useable by the cells and includes pesticides), a whole food diet has many known and many ‘hidden’ benefits that will boost immune system, is our natural source for whole food vitamins and minerals, for help in balancing diet between healthy and enjoyable see ‘Natural Diet of Percentages’
  • Raw produce - in a review of 206 human-population studies, raw vegetable consumption showed the strongest protective effect against cancer cells of any beneficial food, is the original diet God gave man in Gen. 1:29, will give the best immune system boost of any food catagory, high enzyme levels remove the ‘covering’ from foreign invaders (bad bacteria) and renegade cells (like cancer cells) so the immune system can destroy them, raw retains 100% of nutrients, enzymes and protein integrity, leaves behind no harmful residue and takes toxins out with them as they exit, the higher the raw the more you will boost immune system
  • Greens (raw leafy) - the one food scientific research has shown to have a strong positive association with an increased longevity, helps bring acid pH (disease state) to alkaline pH (vitality state), loaded with phytonutrient protection, antioxidants, natural minerals like calcium and magnesium, Chlorophyll, food sources: romaine lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach and parsley
  • Carotene-rich produce - probably the most important nutrient to boost immune system, many immune benefits occur even before they are converted to vitamin A, increases number and function of white blood cells, increases T3 and T4 cells, enlarges the thymus which shrinks tumors, protects healthy cells from carcinogens (cancer causing substances) that would turn them into a cancer cell, zinc is required to activate vitamin A, high yield foods: sweet potato, carrot, spinach, cantaloupe, kale, turnip greens, papaya, broccoli, apricots, mango, peaches, butternut squash, DON’T take synthetic forms of beta-carotene and vitamin A (retinoic acid, the active form of vitamin A increases HIV cell reproduction) or isolated/single carotenes - only in food or whole food supplements.
    • Apples and cilantro - both have very special abilities to remove heavy metals (which weakens the immune system) from the body, excellent fiber source, many other great nutritional qualities that will boost immune system
    • Juicing - fresh raw vegetable juice is the most bio-available and concentrated whole food source of nutrients, will give the best immune system boost because it is not only raw but also has concentrated nutrients, a carrot that is eaten contributes about 30% of nutrients to cell use while a carrot juiced contributes 90% of nutrients to cell use, an excellent source of carotenes and enzymes when juicing.
  • Lifestyle Factors
    The choices you make in your daily routine will determine your health. These factors are crucial for boosting immune system.
    • Sleep - the time when the body does the most repairing, the amount of sleep is directly related to the amount of energy we have the next day, for best immunity average eight hours per night
    • Exercise - increases response time of antibodies, increases body temperature which improves macrophage ‘munching’, stimulates production of beta endorphin that latch onto killer T-cells increasing their ability to destroy invaders by an average of 63%, relieves stress, MOST IMPORTANT - it mobilizes the lymphatic system which collects and removes ‘unwanteds’ from the body (rebounding is excellent for this), top immune booster for oxygenating the body (low oxygen levels breed cancer cells and bacteria), stimulates T lymphocytes
    • Alkaline body pH - cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline body pH but thrive in an acid pH (body pH should be 7-8 alkaline), to boost immune system you must have an alkaline pH, factors that effect body pH are stress, hydration, and anything you put into your body including medication, smoking, drinks and diet, green food supplements including sea vegetables are good for alkalizing.
  • Protection From EMF's - Electromagnetic field radiation, especially wireless radiation from fast-growing technology, is virtually everywhere in our environment and wreaks havoc on our immune system. Because it is completely invisible, we don't know how much we are being exposed to until we check our envirnment. Learn more about this fast growing problem and the diseases associated with it .
  • Fasting - resets DNA, detoxifies, reduces fat cells that store toxins, causes an increase in the ability of white blood cells to destroy harmful bacteria, increases antibody levels of IgA, Igm and IgG (immunoglobulins that fights disease), DO NOT start a water only fast without first preparing the body and working up to it slowly, regular fasting will boost immune system. 
  • Relaxation technique - increases antibody levels by reducing effects of stress which is vital for boosting immune system (stress is the most dominant factor over everything that affects your immune system whether good or bad)
  • Sunshine - increases killer T cells and adds vitamin D3 which has many anti-cancer properties including helping to protect against colon cancer, too much or too little weakens immune system (don’t burn)
  • Fever - one of God’s natural defenses of healing, cooks off bad microbes, stimulates circulation so tissue is visited by immune cells, produces interferon which is a protein that inhibits viral replication in the body’s cells, up to 103 degrees is considered safe without intervention in normally healthy children and adults (excludes babies, elderly and those in a chronically weakened state who should seek medical advice for fevers and for anyone when accompanied by headache, rash, red spots, breathing difficulty or worsening condition), you can also boost immune system by replicating a fever with home saunas and hot baths (less than 105 degrees for 20-30 minutes per day).
  • Journaling - writing out troubling feelings on a regular basis increase T-cell response and reduces effects of stress
  • Laughter - shown to increase antibodies and boost immune system
  • Attitude - the cells of the body derive hope and motivation from the mind... the reason a positive attitude and speaking positive words is so important, a great attitude actually boosts the immune system, try Joel Osteen’s books and t.v. programs to support positive mind, Spirit and body
  • Prayer and meditation - scientifically proven and biblically stated that prayer improves your healing chances, of course, praying helps to bring you in line with God’s will for you and your health, God says to ‘think on these things’ that are good and positive as stated in Phil. 4:8 which is meditation on God’s Word and the good things in life, and meditation reduces our overall stress levels physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Detox - initial and regular internal cleansing is imperative for a strong immune system and will eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus, bad cells, parasites, heavy metals and other invaders that weaken the immune system, include colon cleaning (important to cleanse first so everything else can exit quickly), liver detox, kidneys, blood, gall bladder, etc., be proactive and careful about what goes into your body so you don’t need to cleanse as often
  • Charity - helping others puts a blanket of underlying fulfillment in our life that is powerful for boosting immune system, try it today!


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