Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alix: Natural Recovery from Lyme & Vaccine Damage

After returning from a long hike in 1991, I didn't recognize that the large raised rash on my ankle was actually an oval-shaped bull's eye rash.

The myriad symptoms eventually disabled me after I received a round of travel vaccinations. This is no small part of my Lyme history. Before the vaccines, I was juggling some new symptoms but completely able to function and manage a high level job in research and strategy at a major high tech company. The day I arrived abroad in May 1996, I began to sleep incessantly and then collapsed a few days into the trip. I have never felt well again in my life. I don't give up easily. I went to work with flu-like symptoms, nausea, 24/7 migraine, major digestive issues & exhaustion for SIX months before I finally took my family's and doctor's advice that I was too sick to keep working. My health (or lack thereof) forced me to quit my job. I have never been able to work full time since the travel vaccines. I am getting a bit of criticism right now from some who've seen this video, or won't watch it since I mention vaccine damage in the title. I urge you not to mistake a medical fact for a political statement.

In 1999, I recovered much of my health after starting a gluten free diet, though I still did not have a Lyme diagnosis. I was able to return to work part time in high tech, but the added stress was making me worse again.

That year I was well enough to be dating and ended up getting engaged and married.

Soon after marrying, I got pregnant with twins. Doctors mistook the increase in my symptoms to be a lupus flare. A year of low dose steroids was the worst thing I could have done, as steroids are contraindicated in Lyme. This allowed the Lyme bugs to drill further into my CNS and cause a new disabling symptom of unrelenting, all-night, sleep supplement resistant, and sleep med resistant insomnia. I pursued every mind-body treatment available, to no avail.

I didn't get diagnosed with Lyme Disease until a few years ago. I had to fight the medical system to get the diagnosis and I fought to insist that I be treated naturally.

In the end, I'm doing well on my herbal and detox protocol and have completed two of the three years of treatment.

Though I had to edit it out of this video, I recently discovered the HUGE benefits of Earthing which has helped me really get on top of the insomnia, and seems to be making my herbal antibiotics work more strongly. There is a growing community of Lyme patients trying Earthing and getting amazing results. (See my two-part series on Earthing at Natural News TV for more info.)

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