Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lyme Success story with QiGong

For twenty years, I struggled with chronic Lyme disease. The last couple of years were particularly challenging—itchy rash all over me, pain in the joints, severe fatigue, and really bad bouts of bronchitis that lasted months. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed. My health was seriously deteriorating and I thought my life was pretty much over.
At the grand age of 60 I discovered the medicine of the future! “Discovered” is a bit misleading since this medicine has been around for 5000 years. Really, I’m a latecomer!
I was introduced to Wisdom Healing Qigong by a friend of mine who had suffered from chronic fatigue for years. She miraculously changed before my eyes. She claimed it was the form of Qigong she was doing. I started doing the same practice and I began transforming, too, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Physically, I have much more energy. No more utter exhaustion or pain. I used to catch every bug going around. Recently, I noticed a tickle in my throat. I blew my nose a few times for the next two days and that was it. Emotionally, I feel more balanced, less reactive, and much happier. I’ve tried to be a positive person—now it’s effortless. Mentally, I am learning that I always have a choice in how I think about things. And I’m learning that how I think about things is a strong indicator of how they will turn out. It takes a bit of training, but a healthier, more abundant, loving, peaceful life certainly is worth the effort to me. And spiritually, it’s as if all the practices I have done throughout my life were leading me to this. This technology is the quickest way I’ve found to experience the Source, the One energy that is expressed in all creation. It takes me Home.
Qigong means “cultivating energy.” Indigenous peoples and mystics recognized that everything is energy. Scientists looking under powerful microscopes found that at highly magnified levels all forms are made up of vibrational energy. Thanks to quantum physics, the Western world is now waking up to the fact that only 4 percent of the universe is form and visible. The other 96 percent is formless and invisible. But it is not empty. It is a great seething ocean of vibrating energy that is always available. Beyond eating, drinking, and breathing, we are constantly exchanging energy with the universe, whether we are aware of it or not. In Qigong, when we consciously connect to the invisible energy and imagine bringing it back as light into our bodies, we increase our life force. The bridge between formlessness and form is the mind, not our ordinary, everyday linear mind that is conditioned to interact with our world only through the five senses. When we close our eyes and use our imagination, we access another part of the brain that recognizes that physical and non-physical energies are the same.
A blockage in the flow of energy in the body manifests as disease. Whether you are suffering from cancer or a headache, you do the same Qigong practice, expanding energy out to the universe and bringing it back in, thereby accessing life force and creating its free flow throughout the body. Qigong teaches us that it is thought that gives energy structure. So our beliefs and the stories we have about ourselves take part in the creation of our physical bodies. With our intention we can activate the innate wisdom of the body, a state of wholeness that exists as a blueprint within every human being.
Wisdom Healing Qigong came into being 30 years ago in China. Dr. Pang, a doctor of both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, studied with 19 Qigong grandmasters, becoming a grandmaster himself. He combined these traditional Qigong methods and developed Wisdom Healing Qigong. Eventually Dr. Pang let go of medicine altogether in his treatments, using just Qigong. Several times he was accused of practicing magic and was jailed. He renounced being a doctor and opened a huge center where people with so-called incurable conditions flocked. Many had exhausted all other options. Each student—they were no longer called patients—was diagnosed using a battery of conventional medical tests on arrival and again four weeks later, after they had participated in intensive daily practice of Dr. Pang’s Wisdom Healing Qigong. The health of 95 percent of the students improved, with 35 percent being completely cured, with no sign of the original disease. Wisdom Healing Qigong was recently acknowledged by the Chinese government as the most effective form of Qigong for healing.
Western medicine usually focuses on the physical: surgery and pills. This is only 4 percent of the universe. We have access to the other 96 percent through energy medicine. Once I realized—beyond just a concept—I am an energy being, that mind and body are inseparable, my life changed. No more hoping for a doctor to fix my health or for someone or something external to make me happy. An ancient Chinese statement of wisdom eloquently describes the disadvantage of passively waiting for help: “You can stand on a mountaintop with your mouth wide open for a long time before a roast duck flies into it.”
Through Wisdom Healing Qigong I learned that I was the one I’ve been waiting for. I can take full responsibility for myself. I have a choice in every minute, not necessarily about what happens to me and my world, but certainly about how I react, what I do with my mind. Instead of waiting until I got healthy again to be happy or despairing that I ever would, I could cultivate a state of inner happiness that was not dependent upon the circumstances of my life. In fact, cultivating happy energy can be an effective way to heal, as Norman Cousins demonstrated so well with his laughter therapy. Certainly being happy is the quickest way to attract a lot of friends. People love being around happy people, and having all that loving energy around also helps the healing process.
My Wisdom Healing Qigong teacher laughs like his three-year-old boy. He exudes happiness, and it’s contagious! Master Mingtong Gu goes by Mingtong—no bowing Guru worship here! Mingtong trained with Dr. Pang at the center in China and has been in the United States for 20 years. He has a remarkable ability to translate and transmit this technology based on 5000 years of accumulated wisdom and practice in China so that it is accessible to the minds of modern Westerners.
Mingtong recently settled in the Bay Area and has already attracted a large community of wonderful, caring people. My miraculous healing is not unusual. People are healing on all levels of their being, letting go of limited thinking and recovering from serious illnesses and life-long emotional pain.
For myself I am profoundly grateful to have found this extraordinarily effective method of releasing past conditioning. Wisdom Healing Qigong has been my road Home, helping me to recognize that we are the love of the universe.
Vivienne Verdon-Roe, Ph.D. won an Academy Award for a documentary film about women and peace, called Women for America, for the World. She now focuses her work on the inner world, with the understanding that our collective consciousness is creating the outer one. Vivienne is a certified instructor in Wisdom Healing Qigong. Master Mingtong is coming to the San Diego area to offer healing events and workshops on March 12-13, 2011 at UCSD. For more information, please visit

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