Wednesday, January 12, 2011

YOU can cure Lyme!

When it comes to tricky diseases like Lyme disease, I understand the run around and how it can drain you, but I routinely come into contact with people who I know won’t ever get better.

It goes something like this: they’re sick, they think they have tried “everything,” they are upset at their doctor who they think should “know everything” and should be “curing them,” they’ve tried miscellaneous things here and there and when something or someone “fails” them…it’s FRAUD.

I really get annoyed at hearing people who have been sick for years and years talk about people being FRAUDS or products being FRAUDULENT. That’s a serious accusation to make. Either something WORKS or it DOESN’T WORK. I find many things will work for one person and do work for other people on a consistent basis. Yes, our body chemistry is sometimes different, but human is human. And LYME is LYME.

The attitude of everyone trying to “get one over on you” is dangerous thinking. I never felt like I was a victim of FRAUD. I felt like a number of healthcare providers who I used were limited by their knowledge and ability to do certain treatments. I may have tried things that didn’t work so well, but I never thought that people were out to get me and let that fear keep me from moving forward. The worst part of Lyme is spending time doing things that may or may not work as much as you hoped and that it can be costly.

*Just know when I mention anything in a newsletter, take it seriously. I really do mean it WORKS. Don’t try to be cheap about it and don’t send me emails with lengthy research that indicates FRAUD to you. It’s just ridiculous to be telling me these things.

I see a lot of people with Lyme Disease(and this goes with other diseases as well, most notably cancer), who literally have paralysis due to fear. They will see one healthcare professional (even if it’s for major surgery) and let that be the final say…whether it works, doesn’t work, or it ends up killing them.

Perhaps it’s easy for me to talk about this because being an athlete I have had to get over the fear of failing and I think many people are scared to know whether their BEST is really good enough.

I do know that there are some people (more than you think and hopefully it’s not you) who can’t move forward simply because they are afraid.

…And some people just don’t want to get healthy. I’ve met many people with Lyme Disease who make Lyme Disease their identity.

If you have an email address that says “ticklady” or “lymebitch” or something to this effect, you might want to get a new email address. Supporting the cause is one thing, BEING the cause is another.

I think the biggest problem right now with people getting healthy is:

1) Procrastination- because maybe next year the magic pill will come out and we will all be saved. I’m not feeling soooo bad right now, I will wait to see what happens…maybe it will go away.

2) Cost- because my body and health is not number one, I won’t worry about making it happen financially so I can move on.

3) Fear – I get a lot of sympathy and I kind of like it. Will that continue when I get healthy?

4) Implementation – I’m lazy. What all is involved? I cannot be hassled.

5) Self Esteem- I’m not that important so it doesn’t really matter if I get healthy or not. I’m doing okay and that’s fine with me. (Wow, this is big one!)

6) Mental Issues- Nothing works! I’ll be sick forever with this. There is NO CURE.

So which one are you?


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