Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lyme Disease Success Story with Rife Machine

Hello Everyone,
This forum came up on a search I was doing, I was not really intending to join. However, I really enjoy helping others and do so whenever I can. I am a Lyme success story, I was originally bitten in '98 and then again in '03. I have done the regular routine of abx, alternative, etc. I have been personally treated by Dr. Burrascano before he retired, so I know what I am talking about.

The things that have helped me the most are Rife, the Salt and Vitamin C treatment and Teasel root extract. The things that will help you the least are Psych drugs, antidepressants, etc. Do yourself a favor and skip these types of medications as they will cause more harm then benefit. I don't know of a single Psych medication that kills the Lyme bacteria or co-infections....why take them? Get rid of the infection and be happy again.

If anybody wants more information, feel fee to contact me.

You can recover and have a bright future!


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  1. you ought to be ashamed of putting out this falsehood.