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Lyme Success Story with Alt Medicine

In 1998 I was given the opportunity to apply what we had learned over recent years about alternative modalities to my own tick bite experience.

When I woke on June 1st I noticed a tender, red, half-dollar sized bite on the right side of my chest. There was a small hole in the center, but no tick. By evening I was running a fever. I added Echinacea and colloidal silver (on the bite and internally) to my usual mega-dietary supplement program and drove to Morris County to keep an appointment.

Fever began to develop so I left the appointment early and I stopped at the home of a healer friend since I was not sure I could drive the entire distance home. She suggested I use her ozone generator and rest a while. This device generates O3 for infusion into drinking water or for use in a dermal infuser. So, I slept for about 2 hours in this gray plastic sack (covered me up to the neck) into which O3 was flowing. When I woke I felt well enough to drive home. A few hours later -- my immune system O3 charged -- was when the fever started surging. This type of fever, if it does not go so high as to kill you, is the body's best defense for ridding itself of pathogens. By the next day I was experiencing fever surging to 103o.

I saw our family physician, Dr. Vasquez, that afternoon. His associate thought it might be a spider bite, but Dr. V., who practiced in the deer-filled hills of Sussex County, saw a lot of tick bites. He said that it was definitely a tick bite and would show the typical red ring in a day or two (he was right -- the ring showed up the next day). We discussed my preferences in dealing with the condition and he recommended two powerful antibiotics for one week, then one antibiotic for three weeks thereafter. We talked about side-effects and I was urged to use the antibiotics to stop the Borelli bacterium, the pathogen involved, from getting into the nervous system. Knowing my concerns, we did discuss strategies for detoxifying from the antibiotics, with the use of herbs such as milk thistle discussed.

I took the antibiotics and my fever surged to 104.9o. I continued taking Echinacea and colloidal silver (actually, the more advanced form, Ionic Silver (www.silver100.com). After a cold bath the fever diminished, but I continued to experience nausea and dizziness with mental numbness. When I related these symptoms to Dr. V. he acknowledged them as side-effects of the one antibiotic which was "designed" to pass the blood-brain barrier. These symptoms went away when that antibiotic's course was completed. "Side-effect" is a misnomer -- drugs have effects (that's what distinguishes drugs from nutrients: nutrients nourish normal form and function, while drugs are designed to change normal form or function to attack a pathogen or suppress symptoms) -- if the effect is desired, it is "treatment" if not, "side-effect."

As the two courses of antibiotics ended, I continued with my mega-supplement program. That daily program usually included: 4 gr. of Vitamin C daily, 30 mg. Q-10, 3-4 gr. MSM, 400 IU Vitamin E, a broad B capsule and good multi-vitamin and mineral supplements, with Echinacea and silver. In addition to this physical nutrition, I also sought energetic nutrition as well. I made sure I exposed myself to sunlight (not advisable while actually taking certain antibiotics). I used several energetic devices, including two micro-amp stimulation devices and the violet ray. The use of energetic devices is, to my mind, as important as any other form of nourishment, especially during the healing process. As usual, Voll meter measurements before and after energetic nourishment showed improved energetic balance. See: BioEnergetic Nutrition.

We used Human BioAcoustic testing, using three primary bio-vocal evaluation programs and applying harmonizing frequencies. Frequencies typically out-of-balance during the stress of the healing process were noted, and this form of BioEnergetics supported the process. The evaluation programs, as used under the direction of Sharry Edwards' Human BioAcoustic research, measure change in frequency and total frequency representation. The third program, BioGenesisä program, provides the data base to analyze stressed frequencies (see: www.soundhealthresearch.org).

Oxygen was also used, as a nutrient, to support normal function. We kept our Panda and Alpine ozone devices going continuously (we have one in our entranceway, at the AC air return). Since we live in the country, the air we normally breathe is several percentage points higher in O2 than city air and our home pool and Jacuzzi have ozone generators built in -- its wonderful!

To further de-stress, I went to Dr. David Shuch, a Dentist in Augusta, NJ, who endorses a holistic approach. When you enter his office you immediately notice two things: natural or incandescent light sources only... and Mozart. When you sit in his chair, the Shree Yantra Mandala is on the ceiling and Rescue Remedy is under the tongue. Thirty+ years ago, I had three metallic fillings -- Dr. S found that I had three infections in my mouth, one under each filling! Other than that, he said, you have another half dozen cavities which have re-mineralized (filled-in naturally). This, he says, can occur if you have enough minerals in the diet and sufficient life force. The metal fillings were removed, one at a time, with masks and mouth dams, and this particular stressor was alleviated.

In July, Dr. Gonzalez (http://www.medicinanatural.com/), the Naturpath I work with, suggested a course of injected ozone (recently legalized in New York). Five time over two months my wife and I drove into Manhattan for ozone injections. The place is the Oxygen Station directed by Dr. Howard Robins. A large syringe is filled with O3 which is injected directly into a vein. The only thing I noticed after was a tendency to cough a few times a few minutes after. "Doc O3" is quite knowledgeable about the use of oxygen as a nutrient to support the healing process. (See: http://www.oxytherapy.com/doctors/ny.html.)

The morning after my fifth O3 infusion I woke with fever which surged to 102o. The fever broke on its own within a day. I interpret this as a healing crisis in which the immune system finally overcame the attack of the pathogen upon overcoming the immune depressing "side effects" of the antibiotics. I have been free of symptoms since then. I continue my supplement regime and the use of energetic nutrition and have recently begun a series of noble gas tube lymph massages to detoxify any remaining antibiotic stressors.

My experience shows how alternative modalities and allopathic approaches can cooperate from the start of a disease process, to the benefit of the patient. My charged immune system immediately responded to the attack; the emergency antibiotics bought time for the alternatives to trigger true healing.

April 7, 1999


Update: Summer 2003

Open Letter to Electronic Research Alliance


Kathy and I have used several versions of the micro-amp stimulator ("Zapper") over the years in personal experimentation and the ERA version appears to be as useful, if not more so, than the others we've tried.

But, what I want to especially relate is what I perceive as the benefit of using the ZappEra with Plate Zapper attachment, which I've used with the bottle copy marked "lymph." Since the ERA makes no claims and offers no directions, I used it as I would any other subtle energetic device -- I put myself and the device in a "circuit." In 1998 I was bit by a Lyme tick. I've written about my Lyme experience, using standard treatment and alternative modalities in a complementary approach, at http://www.lifespirit.org/lymenote.html.

Since then, other than some age 50+ aches and pains, I've done fine. Earlier during the Summer of 2003, though, I began to have discomfort in my upper arms and arm pits. A healer I know told me I had Lyme still lurking in my lymph nodes and she would send subtle energy to clear them. Sure enough, the next day the nodes swelled noticeably (the left side was quite red) and I experienced some rather extreme discomfort, inability to raise especially my left arm even to shoulder level. My neck, on the left side, began to ache. This continued for couple months, despite various energetic and detox procedures (I don't need much urging to "do" the hot tub and infrared sauna).

Within a couple days of receiving the Plate Zapper, I put the "lymph" bottle copy on the device and strapped it on my wrists for 7 minutes. I began quickly to notice a decrease in discomfort in both my upper arm and neck. The next morning, instead of waking to pain, as I had in recent weeks, the discomfort was nearly gone. Three further 7 minute applications of the Plate Zapper over the subsequent four days and I feel nearly as good as before this episode started. The lymph node swelling, which had begun to reduce itself before the use of the Plate Zapper, has nearly disappeared. I've also been using an infrared sauna and other techniques, but the improvement from the use of the Plate Zapper is certainly predominant.

I attribute this to feeding my system just the static-charge energetic nourishment it needed to rebalance, thereby allowing me to achieve and maintain a status of greater wellness. Of course, my results are not typical and I do not advocate that anyone forego medical diagnosis or treatment to experiment as I have, but, certainly, my thanks to the ideas of Dr. Hulda Clark and to the experimental devices available through ERA.

October 10, 2003


ã 1999, 2001, 2003

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