Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cure Lyme with ASD

(ASD) Antiseptic stimulant Dorogova
1)-Kills microorganism (Lyme, babesiosis, bartonella, salmonella, streps). ASD has a strong impact on microbes, alters their metabolism, cleans them, changing the culture of microbes, and this makes it possible to get the new vaccine.
2) - GYNECOLOGY .- № 2 fraction is used inside to 120 drops, the same principle and flushing 1% solution.
3) - Kidney disease and gastro-intestinal tract .- Treatment too.
4) - gastric ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer, colitises chronic and acute. Applicable fraction number 3, 5% solution of alcohol, reception on one station. spoon fasting.
5) - Skin diseases. - Eczema, prurigo, nettle fever - cured fraction № 2. Admission depends on the state of the nervous system, inside a 30 - 120 Cap. and can be used fraction № 3 (cream) and compresses the 20% solution of fraction № 2.
6) - nervous disorders. - Faction № 2. Inside of 20 drops to 30 depending on the condition of the nervous system, once a day on an empty stomach.
7) - Eye diseases. - Inflammatory disorders treated fraction number 2, is used inside the above recipe and flushing.
8) - Ear Disease. - Inflammatory disorders treated fraction number 2 of 20 drops to 120., Locally used compresses, rinsing.
9) - Gout, rheumatism. - Inflammation of the lymphatic system, are treated as with eczema, compression of the fraction number 2 on painful joints and inside of 20 drops on the general principle.
10) - Obesity. - Treated with fraction number 2 as in liver disease.
11) - BRUTSILEZ. - On the principle of treatment of tuberculosis.
12) - toothache erythematosus. - Used inside the 120 cap. fraction number 2, local factions № 3 compresses the drug. The drug is given once a day on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before eating. In order to compress gauze is applied over the parchment paper, in order to prevent evaporation of the drug, then applied a thick layer of cotton wool and tape up 1-2 cm.
13) - CANCER - drug SDA faction № 2 stops its further development, fast pain relief. Take 120 cap on the 0.5 cups of water 2 times a day.
14) - Tuberculosis can be cured completely. The best method of treatment for tumors - Reception ASD, fraction number 2, after 2-3 months there is complete recovery. The drug is similar to ASD insulin for diabetes, if he / diabetes / - is not running. The disease is cured. Dose ASD F-2 to humans through the use of inside for 30-40 min. before eating. Five in a row and continue as above.

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